The Burden on Me


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IAM3663 not my usual flavor but these dudes rock! Favorite track: The Burden on Me.
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The Burden on Me is an introspection of the experiences that mean the most to us: those that bring us together, tear us apart, and ultimately become part of who we are. Initial reviews describe it as "…hot, hard, and meaningful!" with "…deep, introspective, and important" lyrics and a guitarist who is "…unique and impressive."


released October 19, 2018

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STONE is an American interstate music project.

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Track Name: Torn Nature
Confusing matters grab my hand
We hate things that we don't understand
Soul inside is gasping for air
Breaking free from happiness and those who care

Praying to God, throw down a line
This hate builds, engulfs us sometimes
And take this confusion from my home
We only choose the dreams we love

Torn nature, my creed
Casting a mold of me
By throwing your stones you bury me
Where is my sword?

Youthful glow still needs to sow
Pick me up from my earthly low
These swords subside behind my eyes
Making a cross...or is it crosshairs?

Where is my sword?
Come to me!
Where is my sword?
Cut me free!
Track Name: Mirror
Broken face and sensitive eyes can't pull me through
Am I disgraced? These attributes follow you
Will you accept me and the person I'll always be
Or drape my soul with your cold hands so rapidly?

All I see is pain staring back at me
It's weakening to see a man on his knees
I fought you off but I can not believe in myself
What I've been...what I am...two persons half a man

Turn away and leave your shame behind
Run away, you coward... can't you see?
I need a face, but my reflection is society
Track Name: Birthright
We sat there on the coach one night
And talked about life and who we are
I couldn't accept our fate
When you looked at me solemnly, eyes full of sad
You wish there was a way around
But I wish there was a way down

Can you see what I see?
And hold on to what you believe?
Harder and harder it seems

The years went by so fast
And the pieces of the puzzle fell into place
My thoughts drifted back on that night
When you looked at me solemnly, eyes full of sad
You wish there was a way around
But I wish there was a way down

What you've been told can always be
Un-told if you care to see
The curtain's not closed
And there's a switch in your mind
That can open the doors
Track Name: F.T.I.
The sea you do part, I see your broken hands
And soon I will stop to ease your head
But the truth you speak not
Remember man

Listen man I know it's been a long time
What if I said I was about to die?
Would it scare you, or would you be happy?
I think you know

So your soul has fled to a place I dread, and...
Man I'm just trying to fill the void in my life
All the tears I cry, you avert your eyes, and...
Man I'm just trying to fill the void in my life
To the sun you've flown, far away from home, and...
Man I'm just trying to fill the void in my life

I lived a wasted life, now I give
One more piece of advice
Remember me
Now I'm dead

The truth you do part, it's in your head
And I'll sow in my heart until I'm dead
All the things you speak not
Goodbye man
Track Name: Dead Weight
Dead weight, we're all asleep
Awake to never know you were here
Forgot about yourself one night
Forbearing dirt without a fight

Tell me can you accept this end?
To die and never know that you lived?
You might as well call it a day
Hang it up 'cause you're some dead weight

Storm clouds shadow dead weight
Walking 'round taking up space
Stormy days coming your way
Walking 'round taking up space

Time to time you forget your fate
Sun burning cold we're all erased
I told you to call it a day
Hang it up 'cause you're some dead weight

When your time comes
And your soul flies home
On and on and on it goes
To what end, who knows?
Track Name: Thunderstorm Mind
Got to channel this feeling inside me
Transforming nature, anger arises
Pitiful creature saw me broken down
Pitiful creature stole my soul

I felt the dreary fumes suffocate me
Sailing on my fiery vessel, now I see
You used your vanity to tear me down
Now take a ride on my thunderstorm cloud

Now that it's done misting on my mind
Heard an explosion, thunder that breaks the line
Must now close my eyes to the world outside
Windows to myself would wound your soul

Now you feel my pain inside
Now you see my pain decline
Now you see my anger arise
Now you feel my hate inside

If you take my pain and the hate inside my mind
Up to a thunderstorm sky and let it all rain down
Down on us evenly, for all of life to see
Would people scream and weep?
Would they all pity me?
Track Name: The Blackness
Crawl through my bones
Factories turn blood to stone
Build a tomb to hide
Years' worth of misery inside

Hey wait...
This isn't right
Can this be the truth?
Or is it just my mind?

Lay hand on heart
Knees crack when the body drops

Hey wait...
This can't be true
For if it's not my brain
Then suffer in all we do

Haven't seen the sun in a week
Nothing good, so why even wake?
Out of bed and work all day
Nothing good, just go back to sleep
Night's here so come out and play
Ease my pain any ole way
Night sky mirrors a world away

We've shared this fray
Brother's heal lends to rapid rate

Hey wait...
I guess this is our fate
But if you dare to see
Then you will find the truth

Haven't see the sun in a year
Getting cold, I don't even care
Seems to me I got no fear
Getting cold, so why should I care?
Haven't see the sun in...who knows?
Leaves are falling and I'm growing cold
I'm cold...
Track Name: The Burden on Me
Change of thought, an eclipsed heart
You cleaned your hands
I saw your moonlight
Save its origin
And I rode around the bright light
Above your head
Yet my youthful years commandeered
A mind misled

The months a fly and here I lie
My back to the brace
Freeze my goals, preserve my mold
As I leave this place
And through clouded dreams and foggy eyes
She takes my hand
What she showed me still remains as
The fall of man

It's on me...

Scared to death and out of breath
I need to be
Back at home to the norm
So rescue me
Well now here I am back on the ground
But hovering
Overhead what remains is
The burden on me

Too much pain to feel in just one night
Too much hurt, I turned to her advice
I don't know how I survived
But the burden is on me for the rest of my life
The rest of my life
Track Name: Gone Away
Gone away
Are those days when we played
When the sun shone so bright
That we couldn't see

Now turn around
The mirror's grown so cold
And when I stare deep in my eyes, I see lies

Gone away
Never to return
But we hold on to hope
So the dream doesn't die

But turn around
The mirror's right there for you
Take a look inside your eyes, you'll see lies

Gone away
Are those days

My mistake...
Speak of the future, it never comes
In my mind it's all wasted time
But I can't see it
The twilight blinds my eyes

In my mind it's all wasted time
Speak of the future, it never comes
It's a lie that there's still time
Hold on to hope, but it never comes
In my mind it's all wasted time
But I can't see it
Clawing the fabric
The twilight blinds my eyes

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